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Q: How do I apply for a job through PSI?

Use our Job Board to find a position or submit your information without selecting any of the current openings.

Q: I sent my application and/or resume. What happens now?

That depends on the type of job you are applying for. Our consultants will review your resume for a possible match. Sometimes we will call you in for testing and an interview. Sometimes we submit your resume to our client company for approval, then if our client company approves your resume, we contact you and go from there.

Q: Will PSI call me?

Usually, but not always. It depends on the particular job opening and the requirements from the company. We may call you in to register with us and do some testing, or we may submit your resume to our client company first and call you if we get an approval. If the company chooses someone else, we keep your resume active to be considered for any new openings that match your resume, unless you notify us otherwise.

Q: How long does PSI keep my resume on file?

We keep your resume on file for one year.

Q: Do I have to pay a fee to apply through PSI?

No. Our client company (the company looking for an employee) pays our fee.

Q: No one has called me; do I need to keep checking in?

No. We will call you if we are able to make a match for you.

Q: I am already registered with PSI; do I need to check in?

If you see an opening in our newspaper ad, CareerBuilder, or NationJob that you would like to be considered for, you can call or e-mail our office to let us know that you would like to be considered for that job. If you are registered as a temp, you should call periodically to let us know that you are still available.

Q: I just graduated from college. Can PSI find me a job in my career field?

Generally, we can only place people with at least one year of experience in the job they are applying for, unless "entry-level" is mentioned in the job description.

Q. Sending a resume via e-mail:

  • Be sure to send your resume as a Microsoft Word or text attachment. We cannot open Word Perfect or Microsoft Works files. If you have a word processor other than MS Word, save your document as a text file, then attach it.
  • Put the title of the job you are applying for in the Subject line. If there is not a specific title, put the type of job you are looking for (i.e. Office, Sales, etc.
  • Be sure you have included contact information on your resume—especially a phone number. We need to be able to contact you.